Flatbed Transportation

Flatbed trailers are among the most popularly used transportation trailers in the country. This type of trailer is usually preferred because it can hold almost any type of cargo. From oversized loads to specialty cargo, flatbed trailers can accommodate unique requirements. The features of flatbed trailers that make them so practical are the lack of a roof, sides or back. Unlike closed trailers, a flatbed trailer can carry large loads easily and without any restrictions. At Amplify Logistics, we offer flatbed transportations to help you easily ferry large items across the country.

Loading flatbed trucks

Since most cargo carried by flatbed trailers is large and heavy, the process of loading may require specialized tools and equipment. A forklift that can access the back and sides of the trailer is used to load cargo on the flatbed truck without any issues. Forklifts allow cargo to be loaded onto the truck from any angle. For cargo that’s extremely heavy or over-dimensional, a crane is mostly preferred in the loading process. Once the items are loaded on the flatbed truck, they are properly secured before the trip begins.

Limitations on what flatbed trucks can & cannot carry

There are federal and state laws that place restrictions on what these flatbed trailers can and cannot haul. These regulations may vary depending on your state therefore it’s important to understand what applies to your area and ensure that you comply. Below are some general restrictions on what cargo can be carried on a flatbed truck.

• The width of the load should not exceed 8’6’’
• The height should not exceed 13’6’’
• The maximum length is usually given as the length of the trailer

If your loads are higher than these limits, you will be required to obtain a permit, which exempts you from these rules. However, you must understand that with exemptions, there are going to be additional restrictions that you must comply with. This is especially the case when transporting any large goods or equipment that cannot be broken into smaller parts.

Flatbed trucking companies usually offer assistance when it comes to hauling an over-dimensional load. In many cases, clients who would like to ship large items with a flatbed are unaware of the restrictions placed by the state. Working with a reliable shipping company ensures that you’ve met all these conditions and avoid unnecessary stops in transit.

Turn to Amplify Logistics

If you would like to ferry large items on a flatbed trailer, talk to us. We are happy to handle all the logistics needs for flatbed transportation. We understand all the challenges that come with hauling specialized cargo on a flatbed. We’ve worked with many individuals and organizations in the region. We can source for a reliable flatbed truck that will ensure your goods are safely and efficiently transported to their destination. If there are any permits needed, our team will ensure that they’re ready before transportation begins. We’ll even help you understand any additional restrictions you may need to meet in order to transport the cargo safely.