Reducing the Impact of Shipping Mistakes Will Help You Reduce Freight Costs

Most of the manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers are mainly concerned with transporting products quickly and reliably to their customers. But shipping goods locally, cross-border, or internationally can be very complicated, especially if you don’t understand the shipping process well and the costs associated with it.

Sometimes, unexpected costs and delays can negatively affect your supply chain. Some of the most common shipping mistakes include not knowing different price structures, not understanding government procedures, and being unclear about the right carrier choice.

This guide will help you avoid these common shipping errors, reduce the expenses, and get your consignment to its final destination on time.

FTL Freight Shipping & LTL Freight Shipping Selection Process

When choosing the right carrier, you need to not only consider the freight rates but also engage genuine partners in the process. The charges are just a small part of the selection process. You need to look beyond the documented figures.

Shippers must find a way to give value to service excellence, problem-solving approaches, and practical communication if they want to reduce the impact of shipping mistakes.

Common Shipping Mistakes

Overreliance on one freight broker

Sometimes allowing one carrier to handle all your freight shipments can make you vulnerable. Working with a proactive logistic partner can help you reduce expenses and improve productivity.

Ignoring inbound freight management

Inbound freight management enables you to have full control over consignments received, notice if there’s any damage to packages, and have improved inventory management.

Not researching shipment weight

Don’t estimate what the package weighs. Ensure you have a scale that will help you weigh the package accurately. If carriers reweigh the package and discover that the original estimate is inaccurate, they will charge you an extra fee.

Packaging approach

If the packaging is outside stated parameters of height, width, and weight, the rate will increase. Most of the FTL and LTL companies focus on dimensional pricing system. You can change the packaging or add weight to the parcel to avoid extra charges.

Lack of technology Implementation

Technology utilization will provide you with visibility into your supply chain, real-time data, and tracking capabilities.

Wrong destination

Always ensure that you double-check your freight’s destination address on the bill of lading (BOL). Otherwise, your shipment may end up in the wrong place and cost you money and time tracking it down. Double-checking goods before they’re sent is very important.

Reverse logistics policy

Your company should assure your customers that the return policy is on their side. Lack of a properly planned and customized reverse logistics policy can increase distribution and storage costs, lead to poor customer experience, and even ruin your brand reputation.

Final Thoughts

You can reduce freight costs by automating certain procedures, adding proper insurance, combining multiple suppliers, improving supply chain visibility, and choosing the right mode of transportation. Poor logistics planning can result in missed delivery deadlines, damaged goods, and excessive expenditures.

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