Truck Landing Gear Repair In Toronto

We are Able to Handle Landing Gear Repair for Your Truck

Trucking companies must ensure that their trailers are in perfect shape to keep their drivers safe and ensure that shipments reach the intended destination on time. A trailer breakdown could put the driver at risk, delay delivery time, and affect customer expectations. Regular truck repair and maintenance, including landing gear repair, prevent these challenges.

Landing gear failure is a common problem experienced by trucking companies. Yard shunters are often in a hurry and might drop trailers before the gear is on the ground or drag it before it is off the ground. This puts pressure on the landing gear, leading to gear failure.

Timely landing gear repair and maintenance help to extend its lifespan. Regular pressure washing and lubricating the grease fittings are necessary to remove any dirt accumulated on the landing gear.


Preventive maintenance and timely repairs enable you to solve truck problems before they put the driver and other road users at risk. Contact us for reliable landing gear repair in Toronto.