Truck Brake And Brake Chamber Repair In Toronto

Quality brake and brake chamber repair for your truck

Cargo Fleet Services provides convenient brake repair services delivered right where you are. We don’t sit at the brake shop waiting for clients to bring their vehicles; we go to them. Our certified brake technicians will fix your brakes at an affordable price at any location.

You can be sure that only experts who specialize in large vehicles will perform the brake service. In addition, we only use superior quality products from leading manufacturers.

Whether you need a complete brake replacement or other brake repair services, we have the right tools and expertise to do the job right. Trucks, semi-trucks, and trailers have unique braking systems different from those in standard vehicles. We have been conducting truck brake repairs for many years, and we are good at what we do.

Signs that your truck needs brake and brake chamber repair

Our brake repair services include re-surfacing rotors, brake pad replacement, and, if the damage is extensive, a replacement of the entire braking system and its components. You should replace the brake pads after covering 50,000 miles. However, how fast the brake pads wear off will vary depending on several factors like how often you drive, the road conditions, and the weight of your cargo. Exposure to dirt, road salt, and grime could lead to corrosion on rotors and other brake components.

What are some of the signs of rotor and brake pad wear? Your truck needs brake and brake chamber repair if you notice the following signs:

High pitched squealing – This noise is an indication that you need to replace your brake pads.

Grinding whenever you brake – A grinding sound is an indication of excessively worn brake pads. It is a sign that the pads are worn to the extent that the metal callipers grind against the rotors when you brake. Not seeking immediate repair and brake pad replacement will result in damage to the rotors and more costly repairs.

Pulling – You could have issues with the air brake hose, callipers, or other brake components if you feel your truck pull to the left or right. This could be a sign of an issue with truck alignment, and you should have it serviced.

Vibrations – Warping or another issue with the rotors could cause vibrations when you brake normally. Warping could occur over time because of friction, heat, and carrying heavy loads.

Changes in brake pedal – You could have a leak or an issue with the brake line if you have to press down the brake pedal harder than normal to engage the brakes.

Truck Brake Services in Toronto We Provide

For any vehicle, a faulty brake system is dangerous. However, when a truck or trailer is involved, the danger increases. Regular brake maintenance and repair are crucial to keep the brakes in good condition. We provide the following brake services and maintenance: re-surface rotors, air brake hose, brake shoe, brake hardware, air brake fittings, brake chambers, brake installation, turning brake drums, and brake system troubleshooting.

As a professional driver, you can always tell when your brakes are faulty. Choosing the right repair technician is not always easy, with so many technicians to choose from. At Cargo Fleet Services, we put safety first; we will keep your brakes in top shape.


Your truck’s brake system plays a crucial role in enhancing a driver’s safety and that of other road users. Contact us today for the best brake repair and maintenance services in Toronto.