Truck Tailgate Repair In Toronto

Whether you are looking for an urgent truck tailgate repair service in Toronto or want to schedule an appointment beforehand, our experienced team is right there for you. Get in touch with us so that we help you with your truck tailgate issue right away.

Tailgate repair professionally done for your truck in Toronto

A tailgate, also known as a liftgate, is a hinged flap or an enclosure located at the rear end of a vehicle. It lies in the boot space of a truck. Cargo Fleet Services handles all makes and models of tailgates. We are capable of meeting your needs irrespective of the model or make of your truck. We will do the job perfectly whether you need a quick or comprehensive tailgate repair.

A properly installed and maintained tailgate makes it safer to load or unload cargo. Most trucks cannot function well as work vehicles without a quality tailgate. We understand the importance of a vehicle working properly. We do our best to provide lasting solutions and a high level of customer satisfaction.

We service all models of lift gates to ensure reliable daily use. When you contact us, our knowledgeable experts will consult with you on the best liftgate solution.


Whether your tailgate is just starting to wear out or has totally failed, Cargo Fleet Services restores its functionality at an affordable cost.