Reefer Repair Service in Toronto

Comprehensive reefer repair service in Toronto to get your reefer going. Our skilled and dedicated team is able to help with your reefer repair or maintenance regardless of the issue your transportation may have.

The Importance of Reefer Repair

Refrigerated units require regular repairs, maintenance and replacement of components. But why is it so important to repair your reefer? The answer is that reefers cannot afford to fail. These trucks transport highly perishable products, which range from dairy, baked goods and meat to medicine and medical equipment. A minor issue can cause losses that run in the tens of thousands. This is what makes it important to keep your mobile reefers in excellent condition. For this, you will need the right team.

Our team of certified technicians works relentlessly to ensure your reefers are in superb condition. We have the expertise to repair and service all your reefers. Cargo Fleet Services guarantees a superior service that is easy to access.

Benefits of Refrigerated Trucks and Trailers

The search for the perfect alternative for the transportation of perishable goods started in the mid-1800s. The answer came in the form of reefer trucks. Refrigerated trucks and trailers offer three key benefits. The first is the protection of perishable products from damage during transit. Secondly, mobile reefers offer the ability to move a variety of perishable items, which include pharmaceuticals, plants and food items. Thirdly, mobile reefers guarantee the safe haul and transport of highly perishable food items across the country. The ability to regulate temperatures during transit makes it possible to transport perishable items over long distances.

How We Can Help with Reefer Repair in Toronto

As the best reefer repair near Toronto and surrounding area’s, also specializing in maintenance services, we work with a highly skilled team of technicians who are equipped to inspect, service and repair a range of issues.

  • Fluid leaks
    Fluid leaks can be avoided with regular maintenance. Our team will check coolant levels, freon levels, and oil levels and complete repairs promptly.
  • Blocked bulkheads
    Our technicians will make sure air passages are both clean and clear.
  • Sensor breakdown
    We ensure all sensors on a reefer work and are calibrated properly.
  • Defective belts and hoses
    We will fix wear, tear or cracks on the hoses and belts.
  • Condenser concerns
    We will check the condenser for broken or damaged coil or lost bolts.
  • Damaged door seals
    Our technicians will ensure all the door seals are working properly.
  • Exchange of cooling unit
    If your unit is beyond repair, our technicians


We understand the nature of the reefer industry. Allow us to keep your reefers in superb condition. Call us today.