Non-Asset Based Freight Brokerage

If you’re looking for a reliable freight broker you need to know there’re two major types: asset-based and non-asset-based. Some importers prefer to work with freight companies that own assets. Most of these shippers don’t understand how third-party logistics work. However, some of these freight brokers can be a valuable asset.

Non-asset-based freight brokerage do not own their equipment but act as a middle man between the customer and the shipper. The brokerage work with the importer, their network, and other partners to ensure the freight arrives at its final destination. Whether you need LTL freight shipping or FTL freight shipping services, reliable freight brokers will partner with trusted and qualified carriers to ensure your shipment is delivered safely and on time.

Unlike what most people think, a large number of non-asset-based brokers have direct access to trucks and equipment necessary for transporting shipments. In some cases, they even have access to more trucks than asset-based freight brokers depending on the size of their carrier network.

The work of shippers is to ensure that products are delivered safely, efficiently, and in time – whether locally, cross-border, or internationally.  We hope this detailed guide will help you determine what type of freight brokerage best suits your company’s needs and expectations.

What is Non-Asset Based Freight Brokerage?

Non-asset-based freight brokerage does not have the assets required. They work as expert consultants, negotiate contracts on behalf of other providers, and negotiate better rates and structure for their customers and clients.

The work of non-asset-based logistics is to manage their client’s supply chain requirements and achieve the following:

  • Timely asset brokerage
  • Reduced costs of freight management
  • Reducing the occurrence rate of errors
  • Increased efficiency

Since they don’t use their equipment, non-asset-based brokers provide a wide variety of services and can negotiate better deals. Generally, they have a more flexible approach when it comes to finding the perfect logistics solution.

Working with a non-asset-based freight brokerage will enable you to get a customized plan tailored to your company’s need. They’ll control how your supply chain will be managed. By assigning some of your company’s responsibilities to the freight brokers, you’ll be able to free up some of your time to focus on running your business efficiently.

Some freight brokers will even go the extra mile to provide you with a supply chain management software system to track and set up your supply chain.

Choosing the Right Non-Asset Based Freight Broker

Non-asset-based freight brokerage play a vital role in freight shipping and logistics services. Many shippers are now engaging the services of non-asset-based brokers.  More and more companies have built a strong bond with non-asset-based freight brokers.

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