The Advantages of Using C-TPAT Certified Carriers

In the last few years, there has been a lot of buzz about C-TPAT (Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism) which has seen many firms, including customs brokers, importers, and cross-border freight carriers join the bandwagon and are now certified participants of the terrorism avoidance initiative.

In this blog post, you’ll learn what this initiative is all about and the advantages of using C-TPAT certified freight broker companies. This program is still in its early stages and continues to evolve. Here are some of the benefits of participation and certification.

What are the advantages of using C-TPAT-certified carriers?

Companies that are C-TPAT certified ensure security throughout the international borders. Incredibly, more than 11,000 companies have become part of the C-TPAT certified standard. The certification combats terrorism by training companies that are involved with cross-border shipments.

Benefits of C-TPAT Participation

There’re many benefits of C-TPAT participation for the companies involved and their customers. Some of the benefits of certification include:

  • Safety and security of international borders
  • Reduced number of freight inspections
  • Fewer CBD inspections
  • Fewer custom exams
  • Cost-saving
  • The training reduces the time spent on the compliance issue
  • The program reduces resources spent on the compliance issue
  • Reduced penalty for members
  • The program favors self-policing over customs verification
  • Benefits for future years will continue to surface
  • Improved supply chain security standards
  • A quicker customs entry process
  • Priority inspections in case of a terrorist attack and natural disaster
  • Shorter border wait time
  • Trusted Partner recognition

Some of the expected future benefits may include:

  • Accelerated responses to inspections
  • Accelerated responses to ruling appeals
  • Tax incentives
  • Improved penalty mitigation
  • Prior disclosure benefits
  • Mutual recognition with other nations
  • Lower customs costs and fewer exams

What is Involved in Becoming C-TPAT Certified?

To become C-PAT certified, companies must:

  • Have commitment and support from top-level company management
  • Be ready to integrate participation in the overall supply chain security program
  • Be ready to assign their staff with management of the project on an ongoing basis
  • Assure that their specified procedures will be followed and updated when necessary
  • Fill out and submit the supply chain security profile questionnaire
  • Fill out and submit the agreement to voluntary participate

Ready to Get Started With C-TPAT Certified LTL freight shipping & FTL freight shipping?

Using C-TPAT certified carriers has plenty of benefits that will boost profitability and save your company from disaster. The best thing is that it is a bit different compared to other types of federal compliance initiatives. It is purely voluntary and the requirements depend on the type of company applying for certification. This is an advantage because supply chain security needs vary from one logistics company to another.

The C-TPAT certification process is not that simple and might take months to complete. Companies will also be required to complete questionnaires, have a dedicated team to manage the project, and fulfill other requirements. Using C-TPAT certified carriers shows that your company is contributing to the safety and security of international borders.

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